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Ready to take your strength and fitness to new levels?

It is pretty simple.  Ever since I set foot in a gym I always wanted to bench 3 plates, but I could only get just above 2 plates on my own.  After training with Tim I hit a 330 bench in competition.  I also used to think that 4 plates was a really big deadlift.  I have since rocked 567 in a meet and I can do 405 for sets of 10.  Tim always uses solid training methods to help a person gain maximum results.  He really is a Wizard with his Workouts.

-Sharif I

It’s not often you have an opportunity to work with the teacher of the teachers. Tim is one of the most knowledgeable in the field of personal training and is extremely skilled at breaking down the components of fitness to customize plans for your fitness goals. I feel so lucky to have been taught by Tim–truly a wonderful teacher and person as well.

-Cammie W

Don’t know what you should be doing to accomplish your training goals?

Feel stuck?

Don’t have support or accountability systems to keep you moving forward?

Want to fall in love with the process (again)?

Interested in following a safe, effective, battle-tested program designed by the teacher of trainers?

My role as a trainer is very similar to my role as a father (see my Tenets of Parenting).  To support, care for and help my clients achieve success.  I want you to love working out, and I’m here to make it easy for you to look forward to going to the gym.  

Feeling like you’re constantly moving forward makes it much easier to love the process. Together we’ll aim to build momentum towards the things which matter to you. I’ll help you create that success through:


Giving you the information you need to succeed based on over 25 years of teaching, practice, and competition at the highest levels.

Keeping you accountable

I’m not going to spank you if something goes wrong but I’m here to hold you to your commitments.

Expert program design

I’ve been called a workout wizard because I’ll customize and tailor things based on what matters to you and what you want to accomplish.


I’m here for you, every step of the way.

If these sound like things that ring true with you, we would likely be a good match and I would be happy to journey with you as we travel down the road of better fitness.

As an online coach myself, I absolutely know the value of hiring one. Tim helped me achieve my goal of competing in my first powerlifting meet, which was on my list of things to do once I turned 40. Thanks to his guidance, I actually placed first in my age and weight class but more importantly, I absolutely loved every bit of the journey from gym to platform. Unlike many other coaches, Tim’s program was 100% customized to my abilities. He was super responsive with video check-ins and emails, and never for one minute led me to believe that he wasn’t there for me. Even if I didn’t believe in myself at times, he did, and he was objective and fair with corrections and was swift to make any program tweaks when change was required. Tim’s also the author of All About Powerlifting, so is incredibly knowledgeable of all the latest evidence-based powerlifting research. If you need an amazing coach that takes out all the guesswork of program design from start to finish, listens (really listens) to your goals, and is responsive and knowledgeable, Tim’s the one to hire.

-Sumi Singh

This sounds great, what are my options?

If you simply want to receive a program designed for you that has been honed by years of experience, this is it.  A simple, no frills approach which is good for people who already know how to workout in the gym, they just need a specific program that tells them exactly what to do.

What you get:

A customized training program for you, it will generally be a 6-8 week program

I’ll tell you the weights to lift and the reps to hit, if we need to customize it within the first week just to tweak it, we can do that.  After that you are on your own.

What you don’t get:

Online Coaching

Regular check-ins

Video Form Checks

Nutritional Guidance

Unlimited email contact

Free copy of the book All About Powerlifting


$200 one-time fee.

If you are looking for someone to walk your fitness journey with you, this is what you want.  To make the program safe, to provide maximum results in a time effective manner, and to personalize it for you – your gym, your goals, your body – this is the option you want.

What you get

Customized individually tailored program that will be modified whenever necessary

Programs are generally sent out in 4-week blocks

Nutritional Guidance to help you accomplish your fitness goals

Regular Check-ins

Unlimited email contact

Video Form Checks

Sport Specific Coaching if you have any events coming up

Free Hard Copy of the book All About Powerlifting

What you don’t get

In-person personal training with me


$300/month for 3-month minimum ($900 up front total), then $150 biweekly until you no longer wish to receive the service

If you live in/near Northern VA and you want me to conduct one-on-one personal training sessions with you, that is an option.  I have extremely limited availability for this due to my full-time job of running the Personal Training school, but contact me personally and we can see if we can make our schedules match.

What you get

All the benefits of online coaching plus one-on-one training with me in the gym

What you don’t get

I don’t do haircuts – sorry

Cost (minimum 3-month commitment)

1 session per week: $640/month              $1920 total for 3 months               $160/hr

2 sessions per week: $1200/month          $3600 total for 3 months               $150/hr

3 sessions per week: $1680/month          $5040 total for 3 months               $140/hr

4 sessions per week: $2000/month          $6000 total for 3 months               $125/hr

Each package continues on a monthly basis thereafter until you no longer wish to receive the service

For this option contact me.

Some people just want to do it themselves.  I can understand that.  There is a bit of a thrill to crafting exercise programs, analyzing all of the variables, understanding the body, and then putting it all together in an effective package.  These folks would best be served by simply buying the books, studying the material, and then crafting their own individualized plan.

Serious about getting bigger and stronger – All About Powerlifting book + 3 DVD combo


$59.95 + S/H

Want to learn more deeply about the body and how to train a variety of fitness goals – NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Trainingthis is the textbook for personal trainers


$75.95 + S/H

Available in the store here

Not sure which option is best for you, or still have questions? 

Contact me


Familiar with his expertise and experience I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Tim coach me as I prepare for my first powerlifting meet!  As someone relatively new to the sport I loved having detailed workouts each week so I knew what was expected and so I could see my progression over time. He provided clear explanations for what we were doing and equally important, he told us what not to do and why. His calm and positive demeanor made such a difference and I know I am much better prepared and confident going into competition having worked with Tim.

-Sue J

I am not easily impressed upon, but you will quickly recognize competence in Tim’s presence. He is a master of his craft, and he will help you become the master of yours. To you, fitness may be something to do in your spare time, but as someone who started from nothing and has put in time, it is a top to bottom overhaul of person and perception. If I were to get reincarnated over and over, I would hope I have enough sense to find the fitness path. I also hope that I am lucky enough for Tim’s reincarnations to be my teachers. I trained people for years, and now I study psychology. I wish I could convey the importance of pushing your body to adapt to its peak state. It’s like your body is a Porche you get to live in. Tim has a way of making the concepts very approachable. You can spend years trying to find your way, or you can take a shortcut with a guy who will steer you straight. This investment of your time and resources, from my perspective, is a no brainer.

-Gareth L

Tim passion, achievements, and conviction about the benefits of power-lifting, is the reason I follow that style for personal workouts, and use a similar technique for nearly all my clientele. He created a learning environment at NPTI, that was extremely engaging, to my brain, and emotionally to my heart.  Tim has a unique and exceptional teaching ability of turning confusing, and difficult material to learn and understand, by articulating it into a format or concept that made me understand first and then learn.  Tim embodies the complete essence of a lifestyle, physically and mentally of what it takes to be one of the top personal training professionals, and coaches of today.

-Ryan D

Tim is as good of a teacher as he is a personal trainer. Top notch!!

-Patricia S

My Coach/Teacher is the man who has inspired us to do our best by reaching our goals in Powerlifting and NPTI so we can become the next best PT. His Dedication and Motivation helps us see what we can truly be and he has strong beliefs that we have the capacity to learn, develop and change. I have learned that hard work and program he makes us follow really does pay off.  In six months I went from a 270 to a 330 bench and a 425 to a 500 deadlift.

-Henry G

Tim Henriques was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had, including my college professors. The ability to successfully impart knowledge is in my opinion, an amazing skill. But the ability to make information and learning interesting, challenging, and fun, is a gift. When I began my classes at NPTI I was very apprehensive about my decision as well as my ability to successfully complete the program. But Tim created such a positive successful learning environment FROM DAY 1, and after being his student for just one week I was COMPLETELY confident in my decision. I successfully graduated the program and I am now a full-time health promoter and online fitness coach. I give a huge amount of credit to Tim’s amazing teaching and program. Bc of him, I gain all of my new clients with complete CONFIDENCE bc I know that I KNOW my stuff.
If you are thinking about becoming a personal trainer or a professional in the fitness industry, THIS is where you need to be and TIM is who you want to get you there.

-Demetria B

I’ve been training with Tim for over 5 years now. When I first started I weighed 170lbs and could barely bench 185lbs and deadlift 225lbs. Within a 2 year span, I increased my weight to 190lbs at my heaviest, and I could squat 395lbs, bench 240lbs and deadlift 420lbs to competition standard. Within the last couple of years, I used his 12 weeks to ripped plan and dropped to 11% body fat, back to 170lbs body weight and bench is still 240lbs, but for 3 reps! Tim is a programming genius! If you have the drive and dedication, Tim can program a plan to meet any of your goals.

-Rick G

I’ve worked and trained with Tim Henriques for 7+ years. From my first powerlifting competition in 2008 till right about mid-2015.  He has architected the vast majority of my programs and tailored them for my success.  Results speak for themselve and I’m happy to share them.  I’ve started with sub 1100 total in full powerlifting in 2008 and went up to 1400+ under Tim’s supervision by 2014, this includes about 6 months off in 2012 or so.  All of this in the same 90kg weight class and some in 82.5kg weight class. Tim is a master when it comes to providing that very cool, easy to follow programming for strength, size or post injury or layoff training to get back to business. I highly recommend Mr. Henriques as your personal, on-line or otherwise fitness, strength and conditioning coach.

-Vadim S

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn about something that I’m so passionate about from someone who is clearly one of the most knowledgeable in the field. I strongly believe there’s not many people out there that meet his level of dedication to those he teaches. I’m someone who had a hard time getting out of my comfort zone but, he helped me do more than I ever thought I could do and to this day, I’m grateful to have had the push and support. Tim Henriques is a huge part of why I have the confidence and desire to continue my journey in fitness and nutrition today

-Cindy S

“If you’re looking to get bigger and stronger and are willing to put in the work, Tim can and will get you there. I went from a body weight of 145 lbs and not being able to squat 185 lbs, to a body weight of 198 lbs and squatting 405 lbs, all from following Tim’s programs and nutrition advice.

I have known Tim for eight years and he’s the most knowledgeable person I know in the fitness industry. I worked with Tim both in person and from a distance through online coaching, when I lived in NYC. I worked with him online for five years.

The part that I really like about following Tim’s programs is the attention to detail that he puts into the program, so it’s easy and simple to understand what to do.  Tim made it really easy to feel like I was training with him and that he was on my team, even though I lived five hours away.

If I had a question about a program he wrote for me, he would get back to me right away with a detailed answer. He would also watch my training  videos and give me feedback on my form.

If you’re on the fence about singing up with Tim for online coaching, don’t even question it for a second.  The value will exceed the price, you’re going to be the strongest guy in the gym before you know it.”

-Jason D

Tim Henriques is an exceptional teacher and mentor.  Choosing to attend NPTI and learn from Tim was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  His knowledge and practical expertise are unparalleled.

-Jenny C

Tim was my coach right after I finished my class at NPTI. While I was training with Tim he was also teaching me and it was an great experience. I learned how to not only train myself but also how to train others. I have made lots of improvements over the year just from Tim’s help and advice. And he is the best strength and size coach I’ve had for as long as I have been lifting weights.

-Gary M